The Périgord Blanc

Périgueux - Dordogne - Correct Immo
Périgueux - Dordogne - Correct Immo
  • 05/02/2020
  • Correct Immo

Make sure you take a look in the Périgord Blanc. Its beautiful landscape is speckled with white limestone and gorgeous houses. Discover more about the Périgord Blanc.

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Where does the name Périgord Blanc—or White Périgord—come from? It’s named after the white limestone that dominates the landscape in this part of the Périgord in France. Limestone that adds a spectacular luminosity to the walls of homes and public buildings, as well as statues and monuments.

The Périgord Blanc is dominated by white limestone houses. It’s an idyllic place to live.

Périgueux, capital city of the Dordogne

Located close to the very centre of the Périgord Blanc, Périgueux, the capital city of the Dordogne is truly worthy of a visit. The imposing cathedral, Gallo-Roman museum and the golf course make a trip to Périgueux an absolute must!

Périgueux is the capital city of the Dordogne. Make sure you visit the imposing cathedral, the Gallo-Roman Museum and hit a golf ball or two in genuine castle gardens.

Vesunna Gallo-Roman Museum

You’ll find the Vesunna Gallo-Roman Museum in the south of Périgueux. It’s built on a site where Gallo-Roman remains were discovered decades ago: the perfect place to depart on a voyage to the time of the Roman occupation. Discover how people—particularly residents of Périgueux, Périgord Blanc and the whole of the Périgord—in France used to live. You also have an amazing view from the 4th-century city walls and the Vesunna Tower, a remainder from Gallo-Roman times that has become a symbol of the city.

Saint Front Cathedral

Make sure you visit the historical centre of Périgueux, home to the awe-inspiring Saint Front, a protected world heritage monument. It is built in a perfect mix of Byzantine and Roman building styles. The bell tower is 62 metres tall, and the oldest in France. It’s the only Byzantine bell tower in the world. As well as this, the cathedral is home to a Gothic convent.

Golf in the Périgord Blanc

Feel like a round of golf? The Périgueux Golf Club is one of eight golf courses you’ll find in the Périgord in France. From absolute beginner to pro, everyone is welcome. You can count on a hospitable and friendly reception. The flat, occasionally surprising, and sometimes technically demanding course winds through the grass fields and between the trees of a peaceful, old castle garden.

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