Live between the castles, caves and villages of the Périgord Noir

Périgord Noir - Dordogne - Correct Immo
Périgord Noir - Dordogne - Correct Immo
  • 05/02/2020
  • Correct Immo

The Périgord Noir: home to castles, small villages and the famous Caves of Lascaux. Get to know the Périgord Noir.

The Périgord Noir—or Black Périgord—lies in the south-east of the Dordogne. The ‘black’ in its name refers to the dense foliage of the forests that makes the undergrowth appear dark. With cities like Domme and Sarlat, the Caves of Lascaux and the Dordogne river all nearby, the Périgord Noir is the ideal base for countless excursions and activities.

The most beautiful village in Dordogne and the Périgord

Discover Sarlat, the hidden treasure of the Périgord. For many, Sarlat is one of the most beautiful little villages in France. With its gorgeous buildings and medieval monuments, you’ll feel like you’re truly in the time of knights and damsels in distress—there’s a good reason why historical films are filmed in the streets of this remarkable village. Be sure to make time to enjoy the medieval atmosphere in one of the many cosy restaurants.

In the Périgord Noir, you live among genuine medieval cities like Domme and Sarlat, as well as the world-famous Caves of Lascaux.

Château de Beynac

The must-visit castle in the Périgord Noir? The Château de Beynac. It’s the most famous and best-kept castle in Dordogne and the Périgord. The stronghold was built up high up on a rocky cliff in the 12th century, giving it a strategic location from which it towers over the Dordogne river. During the Hundred Years’ War between 1337 and 1456, it stood guard at the border between the French and English kingdoms. There were regular fights with the Château de Castelnaud on the opposite side of the Dordogne river—it was in English hands.

Caves of Lascaux

The world-famous Caves of Lascaux are located in the Dordogne, in the Périgord Noir. These caves are the pride of the Montignac township, and have been recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Admire the beautiful rock-wall paintings that date back to 15,000-10,000 BC. They are the most richly painted prehistoric caves in the world.

The Château de Beynac, the Caves of Lascaux, countless hiking and cycling tracks along the Dordogne and more: in the Périgord Noir, you have plenty of activities and excursions to choose from.

Domme: the most charming little village in France

The Périgord Noir is home to a treasure trove of villages. They include Domme, a historical walled city where time seems to have stood still. You enter this village via a medieval gate. It’s flanked by two towers where, once upon a time, members of the Knights Templars were imprisoned. You gain access to the caves of Domme via the 17th-century market hall in the middle of the village. Would you prefer to stay above ground? The wall encircling the village gives you an excellent view of the Dordogne river and valley.

The Dordogne river: walk, canoe and enjoy nature

The Dordogne river, 483 kilometres long, is the fifth longest river in France. It winds its way through the Périgord Noir and Périgord Pourpre. Protected from source to mouth, the gorgeous flora and fauna make this river a true paradise for nature lovers. At various points, you’re even able to hire canoes and kayaks. If you’re a hiker or cyclist, you’ll be spoilt, with countless tracks along the river to choose from.

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