The Périgord Vert: from police horses to wine tasting

Périgord Vert - Correct Immo
Périgord Vert - Correct Immo
  • 05/02/2020
  • Correct Immo

The Dordogne, with the incredible green beauty of the Périgord Vert, has plenty to offer you. Find out more about the greenest Périgord.

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In the north of the Périgord, you’ll find the Périgord Vert or ‘Green Périgord’. This name of this area comes from the green fields and forests. As most rain falls in the north of the Dordogne, it looks that little bit greener than the rest of the Périgord.

The Villars Cave: the most beautiful cave in the Périgord Vert

The Villars Cave is a beautiful stalactite cave, formed by an underground river. During your tour, you’ll see the most awe-inspiring passageways and chambers of the cave: the prehistoric wall paintings, the beautiful rock formations and an entrancing sound-and-light show. 

If you love nature, you’re sure to find a place to live in the extensive fields and forests of the Périgord Vert.

Puyguilhem: Renaissance castle in the heart of the Périgord

A visit to Villars is only complete when you make your way to Puyguilhem Castle. Built during the Renaissance and now classified as a historical monument, this castle is still in perfect condition. The exterior alone is one of the most spectacular sights in the Périgord Vert: its round towers, large glass windows and facades decorated with statues will capture your imagination. Head inside and you’ll be treated to the stately grand staircase, decorated with curves and arches, the monumental open hearth that tells the story of ‘The Twelve Labours of Hercules’, and dozens of antique pieces of furniture.

Discover Brantôme by boat

In the south of the Périgord Vert, you’ll find Brantôme, the ‘Venice of Périgord’. Step on board the Drona for a 50-minute cruise in which you’ll discover the most splendid treasures Brantôme has to offer: the 16th-century bridge, houses from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the Benedictine abbey, the bell tower that has stood tall since the 11th century, as well as the cave homes, the monks’ park with its 16th-century cemetery, fairy-tale windmills and so much more ... 

From Villars, with its stalactite caves and Renaissance Castle, to Brantôme, where you’ll feel you’ve been transported back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the Périgord Vert is full of historical treasures.

The Brantôme police horses

Horse lover? Make sure you pay a visit to the Brantôme Police Horses, just outside Brantôme city itself. The owners there give retired British police horses a new, safe and loving home. Ponies, donkeys, dogs, cats, sheep and goats lead a carefree life there too. Book your visit at and support the charity: it relies entirely on donations. 

The Germain wines

The city of Nontron in the Périgord Vert is renowned for its local craftspeople, knife makers and ... wines. Just by the Château le Verdoyer camping ground, you’ll find the Germain store. Germain himself will welcome you to the liquor store, where you’ll be able to taste local wines from small winemakers, beers brewed nearby in the Périgord and even local whisky. Highly recommended!

Living in the Périgord Vert? Take a look at our properties.

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